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Making Memories based on the history of Food & Wine is the best way to understand local Culture 

We believe a Food Tour is like meeting a friend in the city that will take you to all of the best places!  

That's why a large part of our customized planning is evolved around Food - The best local & Michelin-star restaurants, Pasta making Classes, Street food walks, Local Markets & extra virgin olive oil education.

Visits to boutique family-run wineries and Estates of Architectural Excellence showcasing Italian Design. 
Where you will get a taste of centuries-old businesses and have the chance  to meet passionate locals many that have become our friends. 
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Our Fully -Serviced Itineraries (FIT) are tailor-made just for you!  Your be-spoke Vacation package will cover the iconic sites, with our expert guides. 


Archeological Parks include Ostia Antica, The Roman Forum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Ortigia & The Valley of the Temples

Contemporary Walks with Art Guides specializing in the real - Made in Italy.  Off the beaten path artisan workshops. 

Yacht Vacations on the Amalfi Coast, the Ligurian Riviera, Sardinia & Tuscan Archipelago's

 Transportation will include Chauffeur drivers in V -Class Mercedes,  Fast track Trains in Executive and Business Class along with Riva Boat Transportation in Venice & Lake Como. 



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Schedule A Consultation

Trip Planning begins with a conversation!  We want to learn more about you. This is your chance to tell us what experience you are most looking forward to and what bucket list items you want to check off your list.

We will set up a time that is suitable and convenient for you.

This call will be all about you and what type of trip you would like to plan.

We can even set up a  zoom appointment so you can meet us in our office in Florence!

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Create Your Itinerary

After our call, we will discuss our travel planning fee. Once the planning fee has been paid we begin mapping out your vacation. 

Your Itinerary plan starts with your accommodation options. Once accommodations are booked. 

A presentation of the itinerary will follow.  This will include a day-to-day program of Tours, activities, and transportation. 


Our hands-on experience in 14 out of 20 regions will give you the perfect balance between sightseeing with a local guide, and relaxing at a Historical Cafe in the main square. 

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Book The Trip

Andiamo, let’s go to Italy!

Once your trip is booked we’ll send you helpful information to help prepare you for your trip.

You will have pre-vacation support. A zoom call to make sure you are all set. Your documentation is prepared in a digital format with 24-7 destination support by text, phone, or email, and insider travel tips specific to your destination and travel style.

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Alberto is a native Italian. His career in Travel began at the age of 17 working in his father's Chauffeur driving business. He developed a passion for sharing Italy with guests from all over the world.


A certified tour leader r and chauffeur driver fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish. He takes care of the behind-the-scenes of the business.  Admin and organization are what Alberto does best. 

Alberto also builds rapport with collaborators and service providers. To ensure your vacation is seamless.

Linda arrived in Florence 22 years ago to study Italian at a local institute. During her studies, she worked part-time. Translating cooking classes for travellers. She grew up in an Italian family so her understanding of the Italian language was fluent. Linda found joy to see travelers learning about local culture through food. 

Local chefs shared family & regional recipes. Each class ended up sitting around a large table. Eating, Talking, laughing, and learning with great food and wine - The Italian Way!


With twenty-one years of experience in the travel industry. Linda has built a reputable private Food & Wine Walking Tours in Florence with a team of expert guides. she has continued to work with luxury tour operators and thousands of travelers from all over the world. 


Linda creates unforgettable vacations. With her vast knowledge a passion for Italy.


Linda creates tailor-made trips and Alberto looks after the administrative side to ensure your vacations are safe, seamless and unforgettable. 



The travel Planning fee starts at 250€ per family or couple 

The Travel planning fee covers: 


  1. A Selection of accommodations.  Suited to your budget and needs. 

  2. 100% Tailor Made - FIT Day to Day planning is our next step.  

  3. Transportation Services. Chauffeur driver, Luxury Riva Boat,
    and/or Train Travel.  Chauffeur drivers in Black Mercedes S, V
    or E Class. For groups of 8 persons and over we provide luxury
    Mercedes 12, 14, up to 16 person Vans. 


  4. A scheduled day-to-day itinerary plan with pre- departure documents  
    in a digital format with Axus App

  5. 24-7 support on land & pre-departure 

  6. Dining and culinary options 

  7. Expert advice from our team of local service providers for all of your needs 

  8. The best advice for Choosing the Right Travel Insurance Policy

Approximate Full Itinerary price with tours and services starts at

500 Euro per person per day (accommodation separate )




No matter what age Italy is a family-friendly location. Italians love kids!


There are many fun and informative experiences to enjoy. 

From Treasure hunts, cooking classes, and active itineraries to the perfect historical guide that brings to life the history with the ideal type of storytelling.  

Great Tour Guides can make a Trip! That's why we want to know all about your families interests that way we can organize the perfect Tours and experiences for you 


Private Florence Artisan Walk
Private Florence Artisan Walk

Discover Leather Artisans in Florence

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Mother & Son Vacation in Florence
Mother & Son Vacation in Florence

Staying at 5 star luxury Hotel Lungarno

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Chianti Cashmere Farm
Chianti Cashmere Farm

A day trip from Florence

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Private Florence Artisan Walk
Private Florence Artisan Walk

Discover Leather Artisans in Florence

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Are you planning a multi-gen vacation with different age groups and don't know to start? 

Let's schedule a call to discuss your needs and expectations. During our free call, we will discuss what we can plan based on your budget. 

This photo gallery showcases the vacations we have created for the Hardings & Marshall families.


They have been traveling with us since 2014.  

As a certified Tour Leader and twenty-two years of experience in the travel industry, Linda has accompanied the family to the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, The French Riviera, Greek Islands, and even Malta! 

With a multi-gen vacation, A Tour Leader will co-ordinate each day and will be your reference for all of your needs during your travels.  Coordinating each day with your tours, excursions, and meal planning. 


Your experience will be seamless and all of you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation. 

Le Sirenuse, Positano
Le Sirenuse, Positano

The Hardings and Marshalls Enjoying a cocktail

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The Marshall Family
The Marshall Family

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Morning Tour of Pisa with lunch in Lucca

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Le Sirenuse, Positano
Le Sirenuse, Positano

The Hardings and Marshalls Enjoying a cocktail

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Getting a group together can be fun but also challenging. Everyone wants to add in their expectations. That's why we set up a group zoom call that way, everyone can add in their ideas, places to visit, and logistics. 

After the call, we designed the package based on our discussion.  From there, we send you a brief outline of the day planning & costs. 

This photo gallery is dedicated to Judy. Judy has been traveling with us for twenty-two years. Linda was the driver guide and creator of a multi-day Tuscany Food and Wine Vacation for a Miami Based Company 'The Tuscan Way. Judy booked the vacation in 2003. 


Judy has planned multiple vacations with family and many of her friends. They have also become great friends of Italy Customized! 

Lamborghini Museum
Lamborghini Museum

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The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

Discovering Sicily multi day vacation

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Fresh Exta Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Exta Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting and tour at a bio dynamic farm in Tuscany

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Lamborghini Museum
Lamborghini Museum

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Just the two of us! - Couples Vacation

If you planning your honeymoon, anniversary or simply celebrating life! we have the most wonderful vacation ideas just for you

Our programs for couples typically include lot's of downtime for you to enjoy a glass of prosecco or two and just people watching in a main square. 

Typically we recommend morning excursions that way you have the afternoon to relax. Our expert guides will set the pace each day with fun and informative experiences 

We can't wait to plan your unforgettable stay 

Cooking in Rome
Cooking in Rome

Hands on Cooking class in a private home

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Italy Customized_Al  Gayle
Italy Customized_Al Gayle

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Amy & Mike Berg
Amy & Mike Berg

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Cooking in Rome
Cooking in Rome

Hands on Cooking class in a private home

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The Connor Family .jpg

What a wonderful experience

we had with Linda‘s guidance! 


She worked through several itineraries based on changes demanded during the Covid environment.


Not only was she patient with

us, but she constantly kept us informed of details and

created solutions to most effectively navigate the problems.



The tour guides we had were all incredible across Rome, Pompeii,

Mount Vesuvius, Florence, Siena, and Tuscany. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Linda and her team the next time we travel.



Sustainable Travel 

As local Italian tour operators, we have to consider the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts.    

Italy is among the Ten most visited countries in the world. This opportunity generates economic benefits for a local area. Its negative consequences include overuse of resources and damage to local culture. 

That's why we offer Sustainable way to Travel, which introduces you to local culture—allowing you to learn about our communities and teams of like-minded professionals.   

Our Private tours cater to a limited group size aiming at a more sustainable and low-impact type of experience. 

Florence Food & Wine Walks 

Over the past Fifteen years, we have developed a different way to visit our City. We live in Florence and would love to show you an insider's view of our famous City. 

Our Food Tours allow you to understand the local culture differently. Before you visit the famous sites, join Linda and her team of certified guides for an unforgettable walk around the City. 

Understand local culture by meeting with bakers, gelato makers, and delicatessen owners. Learn about the origins of our local food at historical food trucks, growers' markets, and gourmet wine bars! 

Our Florence Food Tours are Private with up to 15 persons per group. We can add two or three guides for larger groups like wedding parties, family reunions, or groups of friends.  

Click on the tab below for pricing and itineraries; contact us directly to let us know your dates and the number of guests in your party. ​​

This was the first item during our visit to Florence and what an incredible way to start experiencing this beautiful city! So much to see, learn and taste in the time provided and every moment was enjoyable. From the first bite of Lampredotto and a glass of Chianti to taking a picture with the most delicious cannoli overflowing with cream and pistachios! 

Thank you so much to our tour guide Anna who from the moment we met, my husband and I knew this was going to be a fun tour! Anna is kind, friendly and so knowledgeable about the foods and culture of Florence. Anna is very special!



MARISA AUGUST 2019  ★★★★★

Testimonials Food & Wine Tours 

Tuscany Food & Wine Tours

Alberto & Linda are both certified guides and drivers. Together with Alberto's network of Chauffeur Drivers with only the most luxurious cars in the business and Linda's knowledge of wineries, we plan the most memorable experiences and day trips to Tuscany. 

We offer  high-end luxury day trips for up to Six persons in Black Mercedes Classe -V, Sprinter, Classe E, Classe S

Itineraries are created by Linda with the experience of offering thousands of wine tasting tours to guests from all over the world over the past twenty-two years. 

Tours include experiences in boutique wineries and Tuscan Hilltowns. With guided tours, lunch at local farms, exclusive wineries, and off-the-beaten-path restaurants. 

Expert guides and English-speaking drivers for unforgettable day trips. Check out a sample of what we offer and contact us for a customized Tuscany Experience 


Italy Customized_Alberto Ponte Vecchio_3.jpeg


If you want to discover the magic and charm of Italy but do not know where to begin planning we are her to help. Let us plan an authentic Italian vacation for you! 

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