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Coffee Lovers Tour at La Marzocco in Florence

In 1927 Giuseppe Bambi invents 'La Fiorenza'. This is the moment when Espresso Coffee Machines begin to make their mark in Italian Bars.

In 1939 Giuseppe designed a revolutionized Coffee machine with a horizontal boiler called the Marus. The reduced height of the machine gave the Barista more of a chance to interact with clients.

In 1959 Giuseppe's two sons Piero and Bruno drive their Alfa Romeo Van around Florence. The van was a traveling showroom used to sell La Marzocco's espresso machines.

At the Accademia of Espresso you can book a Guided tour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to learn about La Marzocco's rich history. The Guided tour tells the story of La Marzocco Coffee Machines. A family run artisanal business that becomes famous world wide. Thanks to the genius and insight of Piero Bambi.

The Coffee Tasting session includes a degustation and understanding of coffee variations. Gain insight and understanding of the seed to cup process. Learn about the fascinating world of Coffee. A knowledgable and passionate barrista will take you on a true journey of coffee. After your tasting check out the roasting machines and coffee bean museum that showcases roasters from all over the world.

Accademia del Espresso is located in the foothills of Florence. The original La Marzocco Factory since the 1960s has been transformed into a hub. A serene space where you can learn, taste, and discover the world of true artisans of Coffee Making.

“I believe that everything rises and falls on leadership, and it is not a hierarchy. Leadership is about inspiring others to be great. The leader is not the one who climbs the mountain solo, but the one who takes everybody to the top gives a hug to everyone who gets there, and goes back walking at the pace of the slowest.” - Guido Bernardinelli CEO of La Marzocco

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