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The Best specialty cafe's for coffee lovers in Florence

In 2013 Italian Barista Champion and Coffee Taster Francesco Sanapo, together with Patrick Hoffer, president of Caffè Corsini, founded Dittà Artigianale.

Francesco Senapo could have quite likely set himself up for disaster. With the idea of changing the way Italians drink coffee. Espresso is the most consumed beverage in Italy. Espresso is a daily ritual that is connected to Italian traditions and habits. However, the coffee culture in Italy is not how we imagine it! Italians are not sitting around in Pretty squares sipping on caffe latte!

Espresso Caffe is typically ordered standing at the bar like a tequila shot in less than a minute! Perhaps you will see the odd cappuccino or macchiato downed at a bar, although espresso is mainly ordered.

Most bars purchase or lease their coffee machine direct from a coffee roasting company. That supplies the location with cups, sugar, and coffee beans.

Francesco Senapo bought back the soul of coffee making. Top 100% quality machines like Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, and Simonelli. The barista is the protagonist, just like the inventor of the Coffee Machine 'Piero Bambi' believed.

The coffee shop becomes a secondary location between home and the 'workplace.'

Francesco Senapo and Patrick Hoffner are the modern-day Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks.

Howard Shultz had the vision to bring the Italian Coffee house to America.

Ditta Artigianale is the 'ideal Italian Coffee House.'

After 40 years, Howard Shultz's dream came true! A Starbucks finally opened in Milan in 2016. Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

When in Florence, check out Dittà Artigianale around our City. Every single location is fantastic and different. The first one to open was on Via dei Neri, although you can even enjoy sitting in an ancient abbey or a pretty square at their Sant Ambrogio location. You will even find their coffee school at this one.

The other two locations are on the oltra-arno Via dello Sprone and in San Frediano on Lungarno Soderini. You can enjoy brunch, lunch, and cocktails in all areas. Ask the staff about their favorite specialty coffees. Every location has its unique style. They are decorated by a local duo, Giulia Dall'ara and Eugenio Bertozzi, and are Collettivo Giungla.

Melaleuca Bakery and Bistrot serve specialty coffee by local coffee Roasters D612. Owners Chloe Guest and Marco Cappellari serve quality contemporary meals and gourmet breakfasts. They do the best cinnamon buns that you will ever taste!

Coffee Mantra is on the Corner of Via della Mattonaia and Borgo La Croce. In the district of Sant Ambrogio. A small space with a large blackboard presents their daily single-origin options.

A superb- location is buzzing with university students and locals on the way to work or a shop at the grower's market of Sant Ambrogio.

Owners Husband and wife duo Laura and Giovanni Benini create the perfect coffee blends with Tommaso Bongini of Gearbox Coffee Roasters.

Tommaso is a Coffee enthusiast and quality control manager of his family business Mokarico founded by his grandfather in 1936.

Be sure not to ask for sugar, or the barista will give you the same look as when you ask your waiter for a 'well done' Florentine Steak.

It is located inside the Hotel Beniveni. Ben Caffe is where patrons enjoy their morning coffee, although the quaint bar is open to the public.

This location was historically part of the Jewish ghetto in Florence. The building was called the 'Mattir Assurim,' a confraternity near the Jewish Ghetto. Ben Caffe serves specialty coffee from Piantagione del Caffe.

With Strada La Marzocco Coffee Machine. Designed in 2009 by Giuseppe Bambi.

Caffe Piansa is a local specialty coffee brand from Florence. Their Caffe is located on Via Gioberti. Just a Ten minute's walk from the Sant Ambrogio market. You can also find their Coffee at Mariano Alimentari and David Bedu's bakery, Pank.

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