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Where to Eat & Drink in Venice

To enjoy the authentic Venetian flavors of the region, you will have to spend more and plan.

A typical lunch in Venice costs a minimum of 40 euros—dinner from 80 Euro per person.

You can book most restaurants directly online. Be sure to book

Check out a list of our favorite restaurants and Bacari in the six districts of Venice and the Venetian Lagoon.

Bistrot de Venise

One of my best dining experiences in Italy was at Bistrot de Venise—just a three-minute walk from Piazza San Marco. This elegant location is ideal for lunch or dinner—incredible service with a delicious seasonal menu. That even has options for Vegans.

Enjoy a Fresh shrimp risotto with a Bellini for lunch at the Hotel Monaco & Grand in the cooler months, where you can watch the world go by directly facing the Grand Canal. That's the best 70 euro you will ever spend!

An ideal location if you have kids who feel like a pizza! Plus, after the kids have enjoyed their food, they can play in the main square where the restaurant is located in Campo Sant'Angelo while you enjoy another glass of wine!

Neopolitan owners Ivana, her husband Antonio, and their children welcome you to a delicious menu of classic meals.

In almost every Italian city, you will not find an epic meal in a famous square. Piazza San Marco is the exception to the rule —this iconic square not only houses Caffe Florian, Europe's oldest coffee house, founded in 1720.

Located just next to St Marks Bell Tower, where its daily shade hits the exact point where Florian is located. Shade in Italian translates to 'ombra.' 'ombra' is the dialect local Venetians refer to around 'Aperitivo Time. - when one would head to a Bacari for Cicchetti

This 'shade' refers to the original merchants in Piazza San Marco. They would chase the shadow around the Bell Tower of San Marco to keep their wine cool.

On the opposite side of the square, Giorgio Quadri founded the coffee house in 1775 named 'Caffe Quadri.' Directly on the opposite side of Gran Caffe Quadri, you can find the oldest coffee house in Europe. Florian was founded in 1720. Giorgio Quadri introduced Turkish Coffee to Venice.

In 2018, The Alajmo Brothers - Massimilano & Raffaele purchased the property to render Gran Caffe Quadri to its original splendor. The Alajmo brothers contracted French Industrial designer and architect Phillippe Starck and Marino Folin, former rector of the University Luav di Venezia.

Marino Folin reclaimed a team of Venetian master artisans and restorers to bring Gran Caffe Quadri to its current splendor. Phillippe Starck added his contemporary & famous pop -style. Together they created a marvelous location you can not miss on your next visit to the Serenissima.

Massimiliano & Raffaele are the children of Erminio Alajmo and Rita Chimetto, founders of one of the most famous restaurants in the world. 'Le Calandre' in Padova. Thanks to Massimiliano is a three-star Michelin restaurant.

Massimiliano followed his mother Rita's passion for pastries and baking. In contrast, Raffaele has the personality of his Father Erminio as maitre-d, frontman extraordinaire. The brothers are the brand Alajmo with locations in Venice, Padova, Cortina, Treviso, Paris, and Marrakesh.

Quadri in Piazza San Marco is three locations in one complex. Gran Caffe Quadri offers a classic and traditional cocktail and caffe bar with views over Piazza San Marco and its Basilica. Quadrino, located inside on the ground floor, provides an easy Bistrot-type menu. While Ristorante Quadri is the traditional contemporary with a twist one-star Michelin dining experience

Gastrosteria Ai Mercanti

A family-run restaurant only a five-minute walk from Piazza San Marco.

They were founded in 1980 by Chef Nadia & Diego Locatello. In 2013 the owner's son Simone and his wife Ania added a touch of international style - offering both bistrot and gastronomy (delicatessen) 'Gastrosteria, ' offering delicious seasonal plates at a great price.

After visiting Venice for the past 23 years, I always try to experience a new restaurant and Bacaro. However, it is almost impossible for me to walk past Da Fiore and not go inside! at least for a Cicchetti.

Taste original medieval Venetian recipes that include 'Le Sarde in Saor.' Saor is an ancient recipe with three main ingredients onion, raisin, and pine nuts. The plate translates to sardine marinated in Saor.

You can enjoy several delicious dishes, including fresh fish primi and pasta. If you feel like a second dish, taste the fresh catch of the day oven baked with potato and tomato. Simple and divine.

When we refer to a square in Italy, typically, we say 'Piazza.' However, only one Square in Venice has this name which is Piazza San Marco. Although in every district of Venice, you will find several squares named 'Campo.' They are super charming and places where locals like to people watch, kids play soccer, and hang out.

The name 'campo' refers to the origins of the space. In ancient times these spaces were meadows used for grazing or cultivated for vegetable gardens like Campo dei Fiori in Roma. Almost every Italian city has replaced the name 'Campo' with 'Piazza.'

Campo San Giacometto is hidden just behind the famous Rialto Bridge. It is the perfect location to watch the world go by along the canals with spectacular views.

You could people-watch all day. Grab a Bellini with Cicchetti next door at Naranzaria, then head to Osteria Banco Giro for a delicious fresh fish dinner.

Al Mercà
Al Mercà

A delightful 'Baccari.' with a tiny bench where you can stand around to enjoy the original Venetian spritz with Petit snacks - Cicchetti

Archilovers - Photo by @Matteo De Fina
Archilovers - Photo by @Matteo De Fina

Who else but the Alajmo brothers could house this fantastic eatery, the cocktail bar in the Atrium of the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi. A luxury department store just minutes from the Rialto Bridge.

A Philippe Stark design collaborating with Venetian artisans, including Master Glass Artist Ariside Najean,

Cantine del Vino già Schiavi

This ancient tavern was opened in the late 19th century and is run today by the De Respinis family. They continue making daily seasonal recipes that arrive at around 70 types of Cicchetti. With over 500 wine labels, it is hard to resist not remaining at this epic bar for the entire day to enjoy Cicchetti and a prosecco.

Even though to enjoy the best of Venetian cuisine, be sure to pace yourself. The Baccari is not a cheap place for a meal - it is a location for an aperitif - a couple of Cicchetti and your favorite spritz or prosecco is perfect. You then move on to your lunch or dinner reservation.

Ai Gondolieri

You can enjoy fresh fish in Venice, primarily raw carpaccio and risotto. You are pairing perfectly with the Glera grape varietal Prosecco. There are many fish options in the Veneto, but that does not mean you can't enjoy meat! Typically served with Polenta, you will find pork and veal with nose-to-tail traditional recipes in many restaurants. One of my favorite Restaurants for meat dishes is Ai Gondolieri.

The alternative to a Bacari and a Ristorante is an Enoteca. An Enoteca is typically a 'wine bar,' but you can also find Enoteca with a kitchen where they serve meals, not only charcuterie. That is the case at Estro Vino e Cucina

Estro offers a delicious seasonal contemporary menu. It is the ideal location for a starter of raw fish and oysters followed by a first course of delightful pasta, or you may prefer a second course of protein meats or fish like tuna. You can choose from a degustation menu to alla carte. Wine lovers will especially love their curated wine list.

This restaurant offers one of the most beautiful terraces for dining in Venice, with views over Giudecca Island and the church by the great Venetian architect Andrea Palladio - Redentore.

The ideal location if you happen to be in Venice on the third Sunday of July to celebrate the Redentore (Redeemer), the feast day that began in 1576 to celebrate the end of the plague. A bridge is constructed from Venice to the island of Giudecca in front of the Redentore church. The evening is celebrated with festivities and fireworks!

The authentic traditional Venetian restaurants like Osteria Ca'd'oro alla Vedova, hidden behind the main roads, are great lunch stops.

You can enjoy a couple of 'Cicchetti,'

at your table before your main meal, you can pop in and stand at the bar.

An original tavern that dates back to the 1900s, where locals would stop for an 'ombra.' The location is still a lovely bar that is perfect for aperitivo.

Algiubagio is also an Elegant location in a delightful area Fondamente Nove, with a gorgeous terrace that overlooks the lagoon. That is superb for a romantic dinner. The menu includes typical Venetian cuisine with a modern twist.

Rio Terà de la Maddalena, 2329, 30121 Venezia VE

A memorable stop with multiple varieties of Cicchetti. This charchterisic traditional tavern is frequented by Venetians and is located on the corner of Rio della Maddalena by the S.Antonio Bridge.

Enjoy tasty 'tramezzini' typical Venetian petite sandwich, fried options of original medieval recipes accompanied with prosecco on tap, or your favorite spritz.

Vero Restaurant

Enjoy the magic views over the lagoon facing the island of San Giorgio. At Vero Restaurant's outdoor patio. Located inside Five Star Hotel Ca di Dio designed by architect Patricia Urquiola.

Ideal for Martini or Negroni Lovers be sure to check out the incredible menu at Bar Terrazza Danieli and Dandolo Bar located at Hotel Danieli

Enjoy an epic tasting meny at Alle Corone. This delicious seasonal tasting menu that can also be paired perfectly with the wine selected by the sommelier (check out the awesome wine list) A formal dining experience that is the place for any celebration!

6. Santa Croce

Glam Enrico Bartolini A two star michelin experience with Chef Donato Asciani. Praised by his Venetian Lagoon ingredients. Set in a secluded and dreamy courtyard at Historical Luxury Hotel Palazzo Venart part of Italian Hotel Group Chain LDV.

Giudecca Island

A true gem located on the island of Giudecca. Where you can enjoy authentic Venetian cuisine on their lovely terrace.

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