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30 Best Places to Eat in Rome

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February 3, 2023

May 14, 2024

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With around 15,000 Pizzeria and 8000 restaurants in Rome. It is not very easy to know where to eat in the capital! With 12 - Rioni (districts in the historical center), we have selected our top 50 places to eat from traditional street food, bakeries, and even a couple of Michelin stars.

One thing to always remember when in Italy is don't worry too much if that 'raved-about' restaurant does not have a table! The is no need to stand in line. If you choose original, nearly every authentic restaurant in the Boot serves regional, seasonal, and typical recipes, so there are another thousand unique places!

Here is a list of our top 30

Esquilino Area

1. Dagnino Pasticceria since 1955

Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 75
00185 Roma RM

Upon arrival at Roma Termini, I love to stop in for a morning Caffe with eye candy at Dagnino Pasticceria. A truly Sicilian Pastry Shop with delicious cannoli and cassata.

Dagnino Pasticceria since 1955

Located in a small shopping arcade just minutes from the Station, this stop is ideal. If you are staying around the train station area, you can even stop in for an aperitif. Enjoy a Campari soda with Sicilian Savory snacks such as the to-die-for arancini!

2. Er Buchetto Roma

Via del Viminale, 2F,
00184 Roma RM

Opening Times:
Monday to Saturday
10 am - 3 pm
5 pm - 9 pm

Er Buchetto Roma

To taste the original porchetta from Ariccia, you must stop at Er Bucchetto. That, indeed, has a small-town vibe. This tiny deli has been serving porchetta since 1890.

Just around the corner from the Termini Train Station. You can enjoy one of the most typical Roman Street food paninis that pair perfectly with the wine from Castelli Romani. When you enter the eatery, it feels like you have entered into a 1950s film set.

Close to the Colosseum - Monti District

Traditional - Wine Bars 'Enoteca'

3. Enoteca 313

Via Cavour 313
00184 Roma
06 678 5496

Wine Bars - called Enoteca are great stops for a meal or aperitivo. An excellent eatery with great wine by the glass.

Enoteca Cavour 313 is no exception, with a wine cellar of over 1000 bottles. You can even pick up a couple of bottles to take away!

Passionate owners and professionals.

In a prime location between the Roman Forum and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Just minutes from the Colosseum.

A hidden gem on the main High street of Via Cavour

Enoteca 313

4. La Barrique  

Via del Boschetto 41B
00184 Rome
Phone: 06 4782 5953

Located in the fantastic Monti district lunch menu is typically set with few but delicious choices.  You have a classic a-la-carte menu in the evening with many great options.

A small but gorgeous location with a great list of wine and champagne. A great place where you can even sit outside on a warm night with friendly staff.

La Barrique

5. Ai Tre Scalini

Via Panisperna 251
00184 Rome
Phone: 0648907495

An Ancient wine bar founded in 1895 is located in Monti's heart. Ai Tre Scalini is iconic, with its trailing ivy naturally growing from the facade to cables.  

Owners Barbara and Adriano maintain its original style serving typical Roman specialties like Prosciutto from Amatrice IGP, lasagna, and eggplant parmigiana, to name a few.

Be sure to check out their organic and bio-dynamic wine options.

Ai Tre Scalini

6. Aromaticus Roma

Via Urbana 134
A second location in Trastevere
Natale del Grande 6/7

Aromaticus Roma

Delicious plant-based food. Where you can taste the goodness in every bite! A modern and cozy environment with a great staff. Food can be paired with selected organic & Biodynamic wines or Italian Craft Beer.

Street Food / Bakery

7. Antico Forno Serpenti  

Via dei Serpenti 122/123
00184, Roma

The Antico Forno ai Serpenti is one of the historical shops in the Monti district. A delicious stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack.

You can't miss one of Rome's most ancient bakeries. The front sign is iconic to the generations of bakers who, for over a century, have baked "bread, pizza, and biscuits."  The bread is still produced on-site with the stone-ground organic flours of Mulino Marino.

8. Zia Rosetta

Via Urbana, 54 00184
Rione Monti
+39 06 3105 2516

An elegant eatery serving gourmet panini in the famous Italian bread roll called 'rosetta.' The Rosetta originates in Milan and is called Michetta or 'pagnotta milanese'

Zia Rosetta

At 'Zia Rosetta,' you can enjoy this delicate bread roll filled with seasonal and local flavors, a delicious lunch or snack option.

For orders over 20Euro, Zia Rosetta even offers a pick-up or delivery service!

9. Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese

Via dei Serpenti 27
00184 Roma
+39 06 483 648
Delivery available - Closed Mondays

A delicious Japanese Option in the charming historic district of Monti is Hasekura. Founded in 1993 serves high-quality and typical Japanese.

One of the few authentic Japanese restaurants in the capital.

Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese

10. Star Baps - Korean Takeaway

Via di S. Maria Maggiore 116
00184 Roma

Small and authentic Korean dine-in or takeaway. Family-run location with a small but tasty selection of Korean Cuisine.

Star Baps - Korean Takeaway

Close to the Pantheon

Street Food / Bakeries

11. I Suppli dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari, 25,
00186 Roma RM

Located on one of the most picturesque roads of the old city just minutes from the Pantheon is I Suppli dei Coronari.

'Suppli' is typical roman street food. A fried rice ball that is a smaller version of the Catanese cone (shape of the Volcano in Etna)  or Palermitano (round shape) 'Arancini' in a selection of mouthwatering flavors like cacio pepe & carbonara. Choose from their list of craft Italian beers that pair perfectly with the Suppli.  Enjoy the comfortable location with a cozy ambiance like a living room.

I Suppli dei Coronari

12. Armando al Pantheon

Suppose you can manage to reserve a table! You should dine at this fabulous typical and traditional Restaurant just around the corner from the Pantheon.

There are few tables, although the food is typical roman and a pure delight!

13. Mater Terrae

This exceptional Restaurant is Located on the rooftop of Bio-Hotel Raphael, a Boutique Relais & Chateaux. The location was the 'place to be in the 80s' and where controversial Italian Politician Bettino Craxi's 'Clean Hands' lived while in Rome.

Mater Terrae is a fine dining vegan experience that is 'Super even if you are not a Vegan'.  The partnership between restaurant owner Vannoni and talented chef Pietro Leeman has resulted in the best vegetarian restaurant in the Italian capital.

Mater Terrae

Around the Spanish steps

14. Ristorante Dilla

Via Mario de' Fiori 41
00187 Rome
Rione Campo Marzio

A fabulous location with great wine. More like a stylish Enoteca than a classic Roman Restaurant.  A complete seasonal alla carte menu of traditional Roman Dishes with a contemporary twist.It is located just behind the famous shopping designer high street of Via dei Condotti, just minutes from the Spanish steps.

Ristorante Dilla

15. Da Nino

Those Fantastic locations are where the old-school waiters are dressed to perfection and are as friendly as ever! Da Nino is known for its traditional Tuscan Fare that tastes sensational.

16. Da Gino al Parlamento

Vicolo Rosini 4
00186 Roma
Phone: +39 066 73434

A genuinely traditional Roman Restaurant. A family-run location opened in 1963.  The place feels like you are stepping back to a 1970s Roma where stainless steel glass-fronted refrigerators show seasonal fruits and vegetables.

By Sourcing traditional ingredients from local farmers, Da Gino al Parlamento serves typical Roman Cuisine. The menu typically includes five or six first courses of handmade pasta dishes and soups made with vegetable and meat broths, around six-second dish options with saltimbocca, rabbit cacciatore, octopus with peas or artichoke, and more.

Da Gino al Parlamento

District Rione II - Trevi close to Piazza Barberini

17. Il Rinascente

Il Rinascente Department store  on Via del Tritone is a must! stop in pratically every city it is located Milan, Florence & Palermo.

It reminds of Harvey Nichols or Saks.  Rinascente Rome is a jem! not only is it located between the Spanish steps and Trevi Fountain. You can find a great selection of food options. Ideal for a quick lunch, early dinner or a cocktail.

Before heading to the rootop take the lower floor to check out the remains of ancient acqueduct from 19BC of the acqua Vergine that leads to the Trevi Fountain!

Continue to the Rooftop where you can find Temakhino, Sorbillo Gourmand , and more.

Il Rinascente

18. Moma - Rome

As described on its website, Ristorante Moma has two souls distributed over two floors.  

The ground floor is a Bistrot open daily for breakfast with 100% in-house products. A light lunch is available from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, prepared on small plates by chef and owner Franco Pierini.

On the second floor, one-star Michelin chef Andrea Pasqualucci prepares a lunch all-carte menu with a daily tasting menu.

There is an added tasting menu for dinner, one with four courses and one with six.

The Sommelier Federico Silvi offers the perfect wine pairing for lunch and dinner.


Campo dei Fiori

19. Salumeria Roscioli

The Roscioli family supplies a large part of that fantastic Roman bread you can find all over the capital.

Salumeria Roscioli

Four generations of Bakers is an institute.   Be sure to check out either all or one of three eateries in Campo dei Fiori. Antico Forno Roscioli, Salumeria Roscioli and Roscioli Cafe.

For a quick snack at a takeaway Bakery. Visit Antico Forno Roscioli to enjoy the classic Roman Street food snacks Pizza Bianca, Pizza Rossa & so much more!

Be sure to book restaurant

20. Salumeria Roscioli online

The Salumeria Roscioli is a delicatessen with a few tables ideal for dinner, where you can enjoy traditional Roman food with a twist - super delicious. Rated in Italy's Top 50 Restaurants for 2022

Salumeria Roscioli

21. Roscioli Caffe

This is one of my favorites! Ideal for a quick lunch, aperitivo or sweet snack. Delicious gourmet snacks. If you can get a stool around the bar, the scene of the mixologists is a treat!

Roscioli Caffe

22. Forno Campo de Fiori

Vicolo del Gallo, 14
Roma - 00186
Tel.: +39 06.68806662

The most delicious street food in Rome can be found in local Bakeries. From the classic plain Pizza by the slice 'Pizza al Taglio,' be it the water, leavening or ancient grains, you can find taste sensations in almost any bakery.

Forno Campo de Fiori

Forno Campo dei Fiori does not disappoint. Seasonal vegetables on Bread. Those delicious bitter autumn flavors ooze all things, Roman.  Typical Roman Vegetable toppings include zucchini, Funghi porcini, peas, beets, chicory, agreti, etc.  For more bakery options, check out.

Forno Campo de Fiori

Rione Trastevere

23. Spirito di Vino

Via dei Genovesi 31 a/b
Trastevere, Roma
+39 05 589 66 89

A fascinating location. In the heart of 'old' Trastevere. The site was once a synagogue founded in 1035. You can still see Hebrew characters carved into the marble on the building's facade.  Acclaimed Chef Eliana Catalani left an international career to pursue her vocation as a refined chef. Recognized by slow food, Elena prepares ancient recipes using only fresh products.

Spirito di Vino

Her husband and son are in the main dining room serving and recounting stories of their magnificent location.

Their ancient wine cellar has around 7000 bottles of National and international wines.

An experience not to be missed. When you visit the capital, if you dine late, you may even get a chance to meet Chef Eliana. Be sure to save space for her Creme Brule, the best you will ever taste!

24. Osteria La Gensola

Piazza della Gensola 15
00153 Roma

Delicious and seasonal, this is my type of local restaurant—the perfect restaurant for fish lovers. During the season, you can enjoy sea-urchin pasta and razor clam spaghetti.

Situated in the charming Trastevere, you will be surrounded by local Romans enjoying a meal. Lunch. Friendly owners are serving tables, recounting their seasonal specialties.

Osteria La Gensola

The wine list, or 'wine bible,' has fantastic Italian and French selections.

Be sure to save room for dessert! Sicilian owners serve a mouth-watering selection.

Osteria La Gensola

Street Food

25. Trapizzino

Piazza Trilussa 46
00153 Roma
+39 06 581 7312

Pizza Guru Stefano Callegari invented the pizza sandwich called 'Trapizzino' at his first pizzeria in Testaccio.

The Trapizzino -  is a triangular Roman pizza Bianca pocket (Tra = Tramezzino means Sandwich) filled with delicious traditional Roman specialties that include Chicken Cacciatore, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Stracciatella cheese made with buffalo milk and anchovies.

Tramezzino in Trastevere even serves other famous Roman Street food like suppli and fried zucchini. You can enjoy local craft beer with regional and national wine options. A treat for lunch or aperitivo!


Jewish Ghetto - Rione Sant Angelo

26. Giggetto Al Portico D'Ottavia

When I think of the Jewish Ghetto, I think of Fried Giudia artichokes and Fried Mozzarella in Carozza at Da Giggetto!  

Mozzarella in Carozza - Is a typical starter or even street food style food originally from Campania. The birth place of Mozzarella. Although you can commonly find it in the Region of Lazio too⁠

A delicious stop and a stunning location.  Outdoor seating overlooks Porta Octavia and Teatro Marcello.

Giggetto Al Portico D'Ottavia

Rione Testaccio 'The Testaccio District'

27. Testaccio Market

The Testaccio Market is truly Roman Growers' market.  A walk around this district that leads to the marketplace gives you a feeling of being out in the countryside. ⁠

Just a 20-minute walk and a 7-minute taxi ride from the iconic monuments of Rome will take you to the local Rione - Testaccio. ⁠

The market is just in front of the Monte dei Cocci, a massive mountain of discarded ancient amphorae that you can visit with one of our local archeologists.

Testaccio Market

The Mercato Testaccio is a vibrant stop where you can see and taste fresh produce and street food.

Testaccio Market

This mouthwatering Pizza al taglio with fresh zucchini flower, mozzarella, and anchovy is one of the many delicious pizza slices you can enjoy at CasaManco. A family-run business founded by Andrea & Paola. Together with their children Riccardo, Isotta & Rio, they offer a selection of 100% Italian Grain Pizza. With a light 72 hr dough

28. Checchino dal 1887 - A Buon Ricordo Restaurant

Checchino dal 1887 - is a historically Typical Roman Restaurant. It is located in the heart of Testaccio.

The restaurant is built into the Mountain of Terracotta.

Dal Checchino has been serving Typical Roman Cuisine since 1887. The family runs for Six generations.

Be sure to try their 'Pasta alla Gricia' - Bucatini served with a white sauce made with pecorino and pork cheek.

Checchino dal 1887 - A Buon Ricordo Restaurant

29. Campagna Amica Market at Circo Massimo

Every Saturday & Sunday at the 'Mercato Campagna Amica' at Circo Massimo in Rome.

You can enjoy a walk around the marketplace to meet local growers.

Taste delicious flavors and see what is in season. Learn about the regional flavors of Lazio at this fantastic marketplace.

Campagna Amica Market at Circo Massimo

30. Hosteria da Cesare

The district of prati is fabulous! just minutes from iconic sites like Vatican City and Castel Sant Angelo yet you are in a prestigious district of Rome away from the crowds! Hosteria da Cesare is the ideal classic Roman fine dining location. There is lovely outdoor seating and indoor is airconditioned with a great ambience.

Hosteria da Cesare
Linda Sorgiovanni
Italy Customized

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