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The Best of Roman Cuisine at Ristorante Moma

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December 13, 2022

May 14, 2024

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When in Rome you can indeed eat at hundreds of fabulous places. The question is, how do you choose?

Rome has many incredible places to eat, but it is easy to choose wrong. I typically decide where to eat, depending on where I am located. I then check my Michelin Guide App.

The Michelin Guide App navigates restaurant options according to your location and gives you various choices.

It is essential to know that not all restaurants recommended and reviewed on the Michelin app are Michelin star restaurants.  The Michelin guide also rates typical locations, street food eateries, Hotels, and more!

Michelin guide locations are reviewed and inspected by inspectors with extensive culinary knowledge.

While walking through Rione Sallustiano, the Michelin guide app directed me to Ristorante Moma.  Located on Via di Basilio just minutes from Piazza Barberini and Via Veneto.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a group of friendly staff surrounded by delicious plates of incredible food.  As described on its website, Ristorante Moma has two souls distributed over two floors.   The ground floor is a Bistrot open daily for breakfast with 100% in-house products. A light lunch is available from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, prepared on small plates by chef and owner Franco Pierini.

On the second floor, one-star Michelin chef Andrea Pasqualucci prepares a lunch all-carte menu with a daily tasting menu.  

There is an added tasting menu for dinner, one with four courses and one with six.  

The Sommelier Federico Silvi offers the perfect wine pairing for lunch and dinner.

I enjoyed a selection of Regional cheese served with Sicilian honey and Jam. With a glass of IGT Lazio Monsignore Bellone

I could not resist 'when in Rome' the Bucatini of Bruno Cavalieri' Alla Amatriciana' with pecorino cheese, crispy pork cheek, and tomato.  

The most incredible amatriciana I have ever tasted!

Plates were paired perfectly with Lazio local wines. Red wine with the Amatriciana was IGT Lazio Monsignore Nero Buono  

Check out the menu for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year, and book in advance.

Linda Sorgiovanni
Italy Customized

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