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Italy's Top 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tours

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November 21, 2021

May 14, 2024

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The Olive is present in Eighteen out of Twenty regions in Italy. There are at least 400 cultivars growing in Italy.  In Italy we eat according to the Region and Season. Regional Olive Varietals compliment the food.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  in Tuscany
Leccino Olive Varietal in Chianti Classico

Around this time of the year we buy our yearly consumption from a nearby farm. We also buy smaller bottles of extra virgin olive oil from other regions. They will be used depending on each dish.  The idea in Italian cooking is to combine, not over power flavor.  The Olive Oil and Wine Compliments the food we eat.

Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blends

90% of the Ligurian Riviera DOP  Cultivar is Taggiasca known in English as Cailletier.  The Calcareous terroir and climate give a light, fruity and delicate flavor. That is ideal for regional dishes. Along with the preparation of delicate sauces like maionese.

The Taggiasca Olive Varietal also grows in the Riviera del Ponente Savonese DOP . Located near the French Riviera. The cultivar is an important ingredient in the salade nicoise.

Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Taggiasca Olives are a Olive Varietal from Liguria

Oliva Monte Etna DOP a blended extra virgin cutlivated in the foothills of Etna. Towns include Belpasso, Paterno, Bronte and Randazzo. Its fruity, slight bitter and quite spicy flavor is perfect with sea bass, legumes and soups.

Liguria Olive Trees
The Region of Liguria

Here are a list of our Top 5 Favorite Olive Oil Itineraries.  That you can enjoy even if you are in Italy out of the Olive Oil harvest.

Olive Oil Vessels
Olive Oil Vessels at Trajans Market in Rome

Heinrich Dressel's discovery of Amphorae. From the 1st Century AD at Castro Petrorio in 1879. Are on display at Trajans Market. Thought to be the world's oldest shopping mall.  Amphorae are one of the most valuable pieces of archeological data. For Food History during the Roman Mediterranean.

The farmers market for romans & the clay hill of testaccio

Meet your guide in front of the Rhinocero's Palace. The palace belongs to the Fendi Art Foundation. A new space for art in the centre of Rome. From the palace you can see one of the only surviving quadrifron's triumphal arches in Rome.  Called the 'Arch of Janus'. This location was know as the 'Forum Boarium' where cattle was once sold during the Roman Empire.

A Rhinoceros in Rome
Palazzo Rhinoceros Alda Fendi

On the weekends continue to the San Teodoro - Campagna Amica Market.  Open Saturday and Sundays. Experience the  Growers market in Rome. A modern space in the historical centre where you can see,smell and taste the best foods of the Region.  The growers arrive fromthe surrounding towns that includes Frascati, Frosinone, Ciociaria, Pescosolido.

Campagna Amica Market in Rome
Circus Maximus Market in Rome

Meet Massimo  at his organic cheese stand to taste the fresh Roman Ricotta DOP. Massimo is one of six DOP producers of cheese in Italy.

Campagna Market in Rome

Taste Extra Virgin Olive oil DOP from Sabina. See locals shopping for their seasonal products. Your guide will explain the fresh selection of fruits and vegetables.  When in season taste fried artichokes. Mesmerise over the selection of Rustic Roman Breads like Genzano IGP. Enjoy a true farm to table lunch that will include whats in season and cooking on the day!

Testaccio Terracotta Mountain

Arrive in the 'Rione Testaccio' to visit the Clay Hill  called  'Monte Cocci di Testaccio'.   Around Twenty Five Million Roman Vessels cover this mountain of  Terracotta.  The name 'Testaccio' derives from the Roman Vessels (amphorae) used to transport materials.

From Monday to Friday enjoy lunch at Testaccio Market. Check out Bakeries that include Artenio Fanella's stand 'Pan'de di Lariano'. Pizza by the slice at Casa Manco. Suppli and when in season Giudia fried artichoke and Supplizio. Taste Roman Specialties with a contemporary twist. At Michelin star Chef  Christina Bowermans Stand called Cups.

Duration of Tour 3 hours:  Monday - Saturday (at Testaccio Market). Saturday & Sunday (at Teodoro Market) Includes expert guide and all tastings.

Nessun dorma 'let's pesto!' in manarola - cinque terre

From In 2014 Simone restored an abandoned terrace in Manarola one of the five towns of the Cinque Terre. Heconverted the space to a panoramic bar. That overlooks the Ligurian Coast. Simone started welcoming guests to his Pesto Experience. A cooking class where you can learn how to make the original Pesto Sauce. Learn about the perfect ExtraVirgin Olive oil to add to your Pesto Sauce!

Pruneti gallery in greve in chianti

The Pruneti Family have been producing Olive Oil for over 160 years. The current owners Gionni and Paolo are the fourth generation. Together they have moved the business to a sustainable level. Embracing a Plastic-free philosophy. Committing to Organic Agricultural practices.

You can visit their head quarters in San Polo. Choose from a selection of guided tours from 90 mintues to two and a half hours. In the town of Greve in Chianti. Visit the Pruneti Extra Gallery. Experiences includes 'The Oil Game'. Learn about nine labels of the Pruneti Collection. Or our favorite! that is part of our Private Chianti Classico Tour.  With Chauffeur driver and guide.

'The Extra Gallery Cocktail Experience'.  An aperitivo to taste three moncultivar varieties. Pruneti Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino in an  Olive Oil Spritz - Salute!

Amaretti pontormo and a bio dynamic olive oil farm

Head out toward Western Tuscany. Dotted with Medicean villas and hill towns to Arrive in the town centre of Carmignano. Stop at a local biscuit maker. Visit a store that has been making amaretti for more than 120 years. We will pick up a packet of warm amaretti biscuits to taste with a vin santo at Bio dynamic Winery and Olive Oil Farm.

Stop into the local church San Michele to witness 'The Visitation' by Pontormo. This painting became a symbol of Mannerism. See typical Pontormo's Typical trademarks, perspective and his technique of bold colours.

Continue to a biodynamic Olive Oil farm. Where you will meet owner Contessa Rosella Bencini. Enjoy a tour of the property that was originally a Medici Hunting lodge. Take a walk around the beautiful Italian gardens of fruit trees and flowers. Experience views of the small hamlet known as Bacchereto. See the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s grandmother situated in the town centre.

Arrive in the tasting room  to meet local farmer Alberto. Taste estates extra virgin olive oil on bread. Toasted over a wood fire (called ‘Fettunta’ in Tuscany). With Estates Carmignano Red Wine. Taste delicious dessert wine ‘vino santo’with sun dried figs recognised by slow food.  Enquire about our Private half day Carmignano Tour.  With Chauffeur Driver and local guide.

Sicily valley of the temples

In the Archeological park of the Valley of the Temples.  Ancient Olive Trees are  dotted through the breathtaking valley.  Amoung the Temples of Juno and The Temple of Concordia. The ancient ruins of Akragas there are Trees of 400 years old.  Enjoy a visit through the park with a local guide that specialized in archeology.

Discover  Diordoros 'The Oil of the Valley'.  A Local Company that produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the ancient trees.  

In 2005 this partnership between Diodoro and the Archeological Park. Was created to protect the 1300 hectares at Valley of the Temples. Typical Olive Varietal of Agrigento, Val di Mazara DOP. Includes Biancolila, Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola. The fruity and velvety flavor with a sweet note.  Pairs with grilled fish, steamed vegetables and green salads.

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Italy Customized

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