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Palazzo Portinari Salviati, a Luxury Hotel for Dante & Beatrice Lovers in Florence

After over a decade of abandonment, the LDC Hotels and Resort Group opens one of Florence's most beautiful Renaissance Palaces, Palazzo Portinari Salviati.

Becomes a Luxurious Residential Complex. That includes a Luxury Hotel with 13 suites, 25 Apartments, a Michelin-star restaurant, Bistrot & Bar, and a spa.

Penthouse Galileo Duomo & Rooftop View

I had visited the palace before this Hotel inspection. Mario and I had an epic meal at the one-star Michelin restaurant Chic Nonna inside the palace.

The owner and executive chef at Chic Nonna is Vito Mollica. His flavors remain in my mind while visiting the location.

I met the Lovely Giulia di Giovanni, a Sales and Marketing Executive at the Salotto Portinari Bar and Bistrot. Giulia resembles a modern-day Beatrice Portinari. The Palace was the original home of Folco Portinari, father of Beatrice Portinari Dantes Muse—one of the most famous personalities to have lived here. Beatrice was the Literary muse and inspiration for Dante's Divine Comedy.

Presidential Suite - Beatrice Portinari

This magnificent example of Florentine Renaissance architecture is attributed to the palace's second owner Jacapo Salviati, husband of Lucrezia de Medici. Master architects such as Michelozzo and Giuliano da Sangallo amplified the palace. The palace was also the residence of Cosimo I, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Executive Grand Suite Lionardo Salviati Duomo View 78mq

The restoration began in 2019 by the Italian Luxury Interior design and architectural firm Spagnulo & Partners. The group has maintained the palace's splendor by recounting a story of the original personalities that have lived here.

The Iconic and Your place in History Suites. Are where you can admire the wood-coffered ceilings decorated in the mid-1400s. Fresco's painted by Tommaso Gherardini. Comfortable couches and seating surround monumental fireplaces in original Florentine Stone to relax while admiring these historical and luxurious surroundings.

The Family Rooms are elegant. Every room is Fully equipped with modern technologies and comforts in the ideal bright and spacious surroundings.

Junior Suite

The highest quality Bathroom fixtures, Devon and Devon, have been added throughout the entire complex.

Deluxe Suite

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