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Where to buy the Best Panettone in the world!

With Christmas just around the corner. The owner at Forno Top Maurizio will bake his Panettone until December 23.

Orders from all over the world begin to arrive in October. He will start baking the last week of November and waking up at 4 am each day to make his authentic artisanal Panettone with only the best ingredients.

After he has made his classic dough. With Flour, Yeast, Sugar, and Butter. Maurizio adds Raisins Candied Orange & Cedro (a thick-skinned ancient lemon). The dough is then left overnight to leaven naturally.

Once the dough is ready, the portions are weighed and ready to be added to the oven.

Once the Panettone is ready, the Christmas Cake is left to excellent upside down. That way, the Form does not Sit and lose its perfect fluffy shape.

To see more about Forno Top, check out.

Iginio Massari

You can still purchase an Iginio Massari panettone for Christmas! After openings in Brescia, Milan, Turin & Verona, the Brescian chef even has an exclusive cafe in Florence.

It is located on one of Florence’s most beautiful streets, Via dei Vecchietti, on the ground floor of the Helvetica and Bristol Hotel.

Don’t miss Iginio’s signature Panettone for your Christmas Table. One of his most famous creations. It takes Iginio ten years to teach his pastry chef to make the panettone correctly. His panettone requires a total of 62 hours to produce. With four leavening ties and two kneading sessions, it is a taste sensation.

Check out today's article in the New York Times - Who Controls Panettone? The Gold Rush is on to learn other places to purchase the famous Christmas Treat!

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