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Did you know about sparkling wine producers in Tuscany ?

A Cuvee Winery in Tuscany

One of the smallest DOC appellation in Italy is Pomino. Only two producers Fattoria Selvapiana and Castello di Pomino occupy this micro terroir.

The 100% chardonnay Vineyards for Benefizio sits at 750 metres above sea level. Pomino is within the Ruffina subzone of Chianti. The property is one of seven wine estates of the Frescobaldi Family. A nobile Florentine family that celebrates 30 Generations of Wine Making.

The Estate dates back to the 1500's. In 1716 the Grand duke Cosimo III de' Medici.

Identified Pomino as one of the most important territories for wine in Tuscany. In 1878 Pomino wines won important gold medals at the Paris expo. Giving large prestige to Italian viticulture. By 1889 Pomino wines were added to a list of the finest wines in Tuscany.

This prestige and know how was thanks to Leonia and her brother Vittorio degli Albizi. Leonia was a decendent of the Albizzi Family. An important Florentine Nobile family. In the middle ages they were involved in the Wool and banking industries. From 1378 the family spent generations of exile from Florence to France. In the 18th century the Albizzi returned to Florence. They resumed cultivating their familys land. Vittorio degli Albizi and introduced new viticulture methods in the Pomino area.

The family lived in Florence and spent summers at Labreuille Castle in Burgundy. Leonia and her brother Vittorio degli Albizi had gained fore site in the art of French Wine making. Burgandy was the most important region of France for the production of fine wines. Vittorio introduced Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot grape varietals to Tuscany.

The Albizi family home in the Historical Centre of Florence on Borgo Degli Albizi 12

On Vittorios death, Leonia became the sole heir of the vast family heritage. In 1877 Leonia Alessandro Albizi married Angelo di Matteo Frescobaldi. Leonia continued her travels to Burgandy from Florence. After a visit to Champagne she realized the Pomino Estate could be ideal for sparkling wines. She introduced Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero to the Estate. Her idea to developing Classic Method sparkling wines at Castello di Pomino. Included having a specific press, and oak barrels built.

Leonias courageous project and viticultural journey was finally completed by her great, great grandson Marchesi Lamberto Frescobaldi. President of the Frescobaldi Group.

Grape Harvest by hand. Chardonnay Grapes, Pinot Noir for Leonia Cuvée a classic method sparkling wine. Enologist since 2007 Francesca Pratesi

The Castello di Pomino is a Five Room vacation home. An ideal location for a group of friends looking to discover Pomino and Chianti Rufina. Check out our three night Exclusive Wine Resort Vacation at Castello di Pomino.

Enjoy our half day exclusive Tour with lunch at Castello di Pomino. With Chauffeur driver and expert guide.

Castello di Pomino - VInsantaia

Malvasia, Trebbiano and San Colombaio grapes drying to make dessert wine Pomino Vinsanto DOC

The wine door on Borgo degli Albizi 12 was where you could purchase Pomino Wines in the city centre. This was known as one of the best places in the city to purchase the great wines from the Pomino Estate.

From the Guide - Souvenir de Florence, dated 1892. Guiseppe Marcotti reviews the cellars and writes 'This cellar, renowned for its vintage wines, it dispenses with consumers only the qulities which come from the land of the Marchesa Leonia degli Albizi

Check out my visit to Castello di Pomino

A Check list of 5 Top Tuscan Sparkling Wines

“Bolle di Borro” is a Classic Method Rosé Wine made with 100% Sangiovese grapes. The Sangiovese vinyard selected to make this wine is located in a cooler territory that requires a later ripening. Bolle di Borro is a unique sparkling wine that begins with the 2012 vintage. A pure elegance with a fine and persisten perlage.

2. Farnito Brut

Farnito Brut made with 100% Chardonnay. A refined and complex bouquet. With flavors of spices and fruits. The yeasts are maximized by agitating the stainless steel tanks for more than eight months.

100% Syrah from CasaVYC located in the Maremma in the terroir of the amata hills. This climate keeps the Pinot Noir fresh and fragrant. This cool climate is perfect to vinify sparkling wines. After 72 months in the cellar defined aromas develop.



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