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A Hand Made Jeweller in Polignano a Mare

Every place I visit in the world, I love to find the heart and soul of the people. A way to find the heart and soul in every City is with handmade products.

While walking around the ever-so-famous Fishing town of Polignano a Mare. The city dates back to the 'Magna - Graecia.' from 8BC when the town was an essential and strategic port that gained commercial importance.

Polignano al Mare is located in the Val d'itiria, the beating heart of Puglia. The city is famous for its grottos and picturesque views over the Adriatic. Its leading economy today is agriculture and tourism.

I was weaving through the abundance of souvenir shops in search of locally made items. On Via S. Benedetto, I found a small charming store called Maripà. Maria Rita Pavone is an architect and hand-created jeweler in Polignano al Mare.

Her lovely engineer son recounted the story of his mother's hand made jewelry. Upon site, you could see this was a family with an eye for design. Each piece is carefully handmade and inspired by the colors and beauty of their land.

Maripà uses a selection of rhinestones, semi-precious stones, and even pearls.

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