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The Growers Markets and Leather District of Santa Croce

Meet local /Artisans/

Discover the 'Real - Made in Italy' in Santa Croce and visit the growers markets for a taste of seasonal and regional flavors.

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The Growers Markets

Sant'Ambrogio Florence

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the outdoor growers markets in Florence, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and colorful stalls. Step inside to explore the bustling butchers, fishmongers, and traditional delicatessens, where you'll discover a diverse array of fresh, local ingredients that embody the rich flavors of the region.

Food Tasting

Taste Local

Savor the flavors of traditional Tuscan charcuterie, featuring pecorino cheese, finocchiona, and prosciutto. Learn about the beloved Tuscan snack known as Coccole, meaning 'hugs,' and discover why it's a favorite among locals. This delightful treat encapsulates the warmth and simplicity of Tuscan cuisine, offering a glimpse into the region's rich culinary heritage.

Specialty Coffee

Coffee Lovers

We'll introduce you to both traditional and modern fare, offering a comprehensive taste of Florence's evolving food scene. Dive into the city's specialty coffee movement, guided by a group of innovative young roasters who are redefining coffee culture with their passion and dedication to quality. Discover how these roasters blend contemporary techniques with classic flavors to create a unique and vibrant coffee experience.

Santa Croce

The Leather Districts in Florence

Explore the historic leather district and visit a local workshop, where you'll uncover the artistry and tradition of authentic Florentine leather crafts. Afterward, savor an aperitivo in the exclusive setting of a private palace, allowing you to relax and soak in the elegance of your surroundings while reflecting on the craftsmanship and heritage of this timeless art form.



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2024. 01. 01. - Capodanno - New Year's Day 2024. 01. 06. - Epifania - Epiphany 2024. 03. 31. - Pasqua - Easter Sunday 2024. 04. 01. - Lunedì dell'Angelo - Easter Monday 2024. 04. 25. - Festa della Liberazione - Liberation Day 2024. 05. 01. - Festa del Lavoro - International Workers Day 2024. 06. 02. - Festa della Repubblica - Republic Day 2024. 08. 15. - Ferragosto o Assunzione - Assumption Day 2024. 11. 01. - Tutti i santi - All Saints Day 2024. 12. 08. - Immacolata Concezione - Immaculate Conception 2024. 12. 25. - Natale - Christmas Day 2024. 12. 26. - Santo Stefano - St. Stephen's Day

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4 hours





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Can this tour accommodate dietary preferences and special requirements?

This tour can accommodate various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, to ensure that everyone enjoys the tasting experience. Please inform us in advance of any allergies or specific requirements.

Can I book a vacation exclusive experience if my vacation isn’t planned by Italy Customized?

Exclusive experiences are reserved for tailor-made vacations crafted by Italy Customized. These special activities are integrated into our personalized itineraries to enhance the unique and meticulously organized trips we offer, and are not available for booking outside of our comprehensive vacation plans. However, you can check out our Standalone experiences, which can be booked even if your vacation isn't planned by us.


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