Rome Gourmet Walk - Ghetto & Trastevere

Italy boast some of the best cuisine in the entire world. Every region offers seasonal and local flavors that pair perfectly with their wine and olive varietals. Food and Wine Tours are a great way to discover Italy's history where you can also have the chance to meet with our local and professional gourmet experts. Not just for the gourmet or modern epicurean and Food and Wine walking tour with one of our local guides in the historical centre will give you a great base and understanding for your entire vacation. 


We offer various food and wine tours that will perfectly compliment your Italian luxury holiday.  Experience a number of seasonal experiences that includes Truffle hunting a particularly top choice among our clients who want to partake in a demonstration with a local family of truffle hunters or actually walk through the forrests of Chianti with an expert each experience follows lunch with hand made tagliolini and the prized truffle. We also offer a wonderful experience to Alba during the 


the gathering and eating of such an exquisite food gem that is highly praised here. It offers a unique experience in their customized itinerary, not to mention a rich truffle dish to indulge in at the end. Cuisine is one of the most sacred things in Italy, with each region boasting their own specialties, strengths and regional dishes that set them apart from the others. For this, we organize Gourmet Walks  throughout Rome, Florence, Venice,  Naples and several other cities throughout the country to experience the hidden food & wine treasures of each. Here at Italy Customized we realize that most travelers are intrigued by this country for the cuisine and we deliver the experience. Our private tours are social, interactive and of course, full of taste testing. For the ultimate luxury meal, we can also arrange for your own private chef to prepare you the best delicacies at your wish. It is only up to you to arrange a menu: from the classic Osso Buco Milanese to the famous Parmigiana found in Naples and everything in between.


It goes without saying that no mealis complete without a decadent wine tasting. Let us organize a fabulous private wine tour through the picturesque Tuscan towns of Montepulciano or Chianti. Our tours are conducted by highly trained and engaging guides ready to introduce you to this country's finest "vino."