Italy With Kids

At Italy Customized we take everyone into account, which is why we specialize in Italian family holidays, making sure every member of the family experiences the charm of Italy. When you choose us to help you with your luxury family vacation, we make it our mission to work with you to create your perfect dream holiday.


We combine your perfect travel vision with enough entertainment for the kids so that you can make wonderful family memories on your Italian vacation. So whether you are looking for somewhere to escape during the school holidays, a luxurious hotel with your teens or an Italian villa for all three generations of your family, we have it covered. You can rest assured we will inspire you and make sure that your travels are filled with comfort, beauty and luxury.


We recommend for our families several villas that offer privacy and tranquillity; beautiful properties in the countryside that are close enough to Rome or Pisa if you prefer the bustling movement of the city. These villas are historic jewels with modern amenities including solar panels and a swimming pool, ideal for the kids.


Planning child-friendly activities are also our specialty as well. If you have little Picassos in your family, let us organize an Alfresco work shop, where you will meet a local Alfresco artist in his studio, and explore this art first hand. Or an artisan chocolate and gelato walk for the little ones where you will visit three chocolate artisans and then on to Simone Bonini's laboratory where you will learn the secrets of the famous gelato guru. Finish your day with a refreshing beverage at a famous pastry shop, Dolce & Dolcezze.


We many other exclusive tours that are entertaining for the children as well. Whether your family prefers the beach, city or countryside, a personal tour guide will take you and your family for the day. Or maybe you would like to experience the tastes of Italy with one of our magnificent wine tours. Sip the best wines our country has to offer, and leave us to plan fun activities for the kids.