History & Culture

Italy is the European country that can be considered one of the art and culture capitals of the world. With a vast and intriguing history, Italy has left behind the remnants of an awe-inspiring past that is waiting to be explored. We are proud of Italy's artisan heritage and use this to give our clients the opportunity to learn all about the cultural characteristics there are to discover.


There are endless opportunities for cultural tours of Italy that we want to plan for you to discover the amazing treasures this country holds. Let's start in Florence, where we offer the exclusive Vasari corridor private tour. You will get the unique experience to travel through the passageway, which follows the footsteps of the 'Prince's itinerary.' This will then lead you to the astounding collection of paintings and then onto the aerial passageway that is surrounded by breathtaking views. There is also the opportunity to relish a collection of different self- portraits, from Vasari and other historical Italian artists.


Fashion in Italy is admired around the globe, with some of the biggest designers in the world hailing from this country. People from all different countries and cultures flock here to admire the latest trends and indulge in the newest styles. For this, we offer a variety of different fashion tours exclusively created for all those who share the same passion for fashion.


Our tailor made shopping tours will take you from Versace to Prada to Valentino, exploring the elegance of each designer. It is enough to tell us where you want to go, and we will prepare the rest. We will also arrange for your very own private personal shopper to give you all the tips on where to go and advice as to what outfits suit you best.